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Why Mazepoint Proudly Sponsors Bloodhound SSC

The Bloodhound SSC project inspires us on a number of levels. Speed is critical to what we do – speed of project delivery, speed of access to information, speed of analysis and forecast results, and speed of administration and data processing. Engineering is critical too. Less dramatically than the Bloodhound team we also confront and overcome seemingly intractable problems of performance visibility using computer science, technology and mathematics. We see first-hand in our recruitment efforts the shortage of young people with the appropriate expertise to learn how to deliver our services. What better way to excite the interest and enthusiasm of young people to learn about maths and technology and how it can be applied to blaze trails and push boundaries? Finally, the lifeblood of Bloodhound SSC is data, bringing visibility and clarity to an incredibly complex undertaking – not just data to help understand what has happened in the past but data that gives confidence about what is likely to happen in future. This is what we do too. All of us at Mazepoint are full of admiration for the Bloodhound team and the fantastic journey they are undertaking and sharing so generously with so many schools, and we are proud to support and sponsor them as best we can.