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Lexus Europe Division (LED)
Embedding a Fact-based Regional Performance Management Culture


Better management of the dealer network in its 32 countries would enable the Lexus regional management team to improve overall performance and achieve corporate brand targets. Developing a robust and regular Business Intelligence process that made use of advanced Management Information Systems (MIS) would help LED to start managing by fact, provide support where markets needed it and receive feedback on local improvements.

Business Issues – Multiple data sources, variable quality

With data from so many countries to collect and multiple suppliers involved, the variation in quality was significant. Data was frequently not available, and when it was there were doubts as to whether it was good enough to use. More significantly, resolution of data issues identified were not always the responsibility of any single data supplier, which meant it was difficult to establish a common standard by which all markets could be benchmarked.

Programme Details

To embed a performance culture in its 32 markets, LED and Mazepoint worked together to:

  • Set Management Information (MI) improvement targets with each local management team
  • Work with each market to start the improvement cycle, keeping in mind the size and maturity of each, to identify what improvements were possible, and which were desirable
  • Define what the management reports needed to look like and how they were to be used
  • Introduce a validation routine into the existing performance data management cycle that prevented errors from getting through and alerted LED to significant variations in results
  • Compile a management performance review package that introduced accountability within each market for its data and a formal challenge cycle when falling short
Mazepoint provides advanced automotive Management Information Systems for Lexus

How Mazepoint Helped

Mazepoint Lexus Management Information Programme

The Management Information Improvement Programme established by Mazepoint:

  • Introduced data validation routines to tackle data issues at source
  • Followed up each country where data was omitted or not available
  • Establishing a common database into which validated results could be stored
  • Scheduled regular management review meetings which used the facts collected
  • Developed analysis and reporting tools that added value at both country and head office levels

In addition, performance analysis and reporting was produced at multiple levels and targeted to different users.

The Results

Using the Mazepoint MIS, LED was able to:

  • Target specific countries where management intervention was needed
  • Reduce the planning time required to release new models to existing markets
  • Analyse Management Information much faster than before and trust the results
  • Provide meaningful performance comparisons between different markets
  • Measure the impact of good Management Information on market outcomes