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Providing Value in Healthcare Analytics

Healthcare Business Intelligence

Healthcare organisations around the world are increasingly being challenged by pressures to reduce costs, improve coordination and outcomes – and generally provide more with less.   Building a strong analytics competency can help harness organisational data to create actionable insights, set future vision, improve outcomes and reduce time to value.

Mazepoint empowers NHS Trust and CCGs to:

  • Enhance patient care by accessing disparate Health Records systems and enabling data-driven monitoring
  • Increase operational efficiencies, provide real-time visibility, and improve patient safety by coupling BI with live data feeds (ie A&E departments)
  • Utilise powerful data dashboards to securely measure and report key performance indicators


View Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust Case Study

Analyse For Insights

Healthcare Business Intelligence

Every healthcare leader wants to know they’re doing everything possible to ensure that the data they have at their fingertips is as effective as possible. But all too often, that’s simply not the case because you don’t have access to the right tools.  And this is a problem – instead of having the ability to utilise the amazing powers of computing to pinpoint insights that would drive care or process improvement initiatives, most organisations simply don’t have the tools needed to facilitate this. So instead of analysing for insights, you’re left merely collecting data.

Market-leading Data Analysis Tools

Healthcare Business Intelligence

The data discovery tools that Mazepoint employs make it easy to explore your data and look for useful insights or trends, providing an intuitive way for you to slice, dice, and drill into the data to find trends and meaningful correlations.  In short, our tools and experts will give your team the best  self-service data dashboard to improve the management of patient contacts, communications, pathways and bookings.