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Analytics – The New Path to Value

Legal Services Business Intelligence

Professional services firms – in Legal, Consulting, Accounting, Financial Services, and other areas – all need intelligence and insights to enhance their business operations. They want to know more, make more informed decisions, and build stronger relationships

Understanding and monitoring Key Performance Indicators (KPI) is crucial to the good management of a law firm, as is monitoring the performance of certain processes, and Mazepoint is delivering customisable, easy to understand, business critical analysis to key members of staff and management.

Innovative Solutions for Law Firms

Legal Services Business Intelligence

Mazepoint’s global solution covers the full spectrum of financial management requirements for legal services firms including:

  • Client and Business Accounting
  • Billing and Productivity Management
  • Financial and Analytical Reporting

Our solution will revolutionise the way law firm managers run their business.  Key decision makers now have access to vast levels of financial and operational information at the click of a button. Law firms can now see exactly which areas are their most profitable, ensure fee earners are billing correctly and identify business critical issues immediately.

This information is presented in real-time and in a way that can be easily understood and enhances the performance of the business as a whole.

Mazeview Active Dashboard for Professional Services

Legal Services Business Intelligence

The Mazeview Dashboard presents a unique visual interface for partners, heads of department and fee earners in an easy to comprehend graphical format. Navigation between graphs is simple and intuitive.

The dashboards bring financial and operational data together into one easy to understand dashboard.