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Blue-chip Clients

Global organisations are confronted with ever increasing data challenges and the need to analyse and be able to act on quality data is imperative.    Thousands of clients, across Fortune 500 and mid-market companies, government agencies, and Health Care trusts, use Mazepoint solutions to enhance their data-driven decision making.

By distributing more information to more people – to visualise, to analyse, to report – our customers are able to manage their businesses in real time, enabling them to greatly increase performance efficiency, to gain competitive advantages, and to improve business processes.


A customer since 1998, Mazepoint has been supplying advanced reporting, analytics, planning and budgeting, including composite data collection, management and dashboarding for their passenger car, truck and van networks.

“Mazepoint’s data management services, modelling and reporting tools allow us to produce reliable ad hoc analyses and reports for the whole organisation in a fraction of the time required by more traditional methods. Their analytical tools allow us to identify opportunities and problem areas quickly and respond to them effectively.”
Mercedes-Benz UK Ltd


Mazepoint has been supplying the data collection, validation, modelling, reporting, budgeting, planning and forecasting for the UK and European retail network since the year 2000 (Business Data Intelligence).

“Since working with MlK, we have been able to significantly improve the quality of the data collected from the network. In addition we have almost unlimited scope for ad hoc analysis and reporting of the data from a fast, flexible and responsive system and the improved credibility of the composite has resulted in it being used much more extensively, both within TGB and across the network…”
Mark Roden General Manager – Network Development , Toyota (GB) plc

Lexus Europe

Hosted by Mazepoint, management of the regular country performance reporting cycle across 21 European markets, including data collection and quality control, consolidation, reporting, ad hoc analysis and forecasting.

“LED has made great progress with regards to BM data collection, data quality, analysis, reporting, etc., and both LED and the NMSCs are reaping the benefits of the investments made in the BM program….”
Manuel R. Diaz - Market Development Manager, Lexus Europe


Mazepoint provides consultancy and training for developing Pepsico UK’s Management Dashboards.

Lucozade Ribena Suntory

Benefiting from Mazepoint’s Incredibly Powerful Trade Promotion Management Tool.

Cereal Partners UK

A full service Trade Promotions Management system including data interfaces with customer systems, promotion guide rails, trade plans and comprehensive analytics and reporting.

NHS Trusts

Powerful and Flexible Budgeting, Forecasting and Analytical Solution for Human Resource Management Solution.

“In my personal opinion, the Jedox Budgeting application is by far the most cost-effective tool on the market, bar none, based on the ease of use, versatility and the total cost of ownership (i.e. licences, training, development and maintenance).”
Roger Bovell - Head of Finance Systems, Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust

Foreign & Commonwealth Office

Global Reporting Dashboard for Managing Country Incidents from Around the World.

Home Office

Hosted by Mazepoint, a Project Portfolio and Resource Management Solution that incorporates time recording for onsite, remotely located and 3rd party staff, centrally managing them to a common timetable, managing multiple projects across different portfolios to ensure each meet their overall financial objectives.

High Speed Rail 2

Frontline Service Analysis for Major Project Management Reporting.