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Mazepoint is pleased to work alongside some of the world’s leading Business Intelligence companies.

Together with our partners we achieve results that separately wouldn’t be possible. We’re committed to building long term business and technology partnerships with companies that share our values of continuous innovation and the desire to deliver powerful business solutions to our customers.

Fast Analytics for Everyone

Tableau helps people see and understand their data

Visual analytics for everyone….Tableau helps find real answers in their data

Business-Driven Intelligence

Jedox unifies BI, CPM and Analytics

From executive, to end-user, to analyst, Jedox empowers you to capture data, analyse, plan ad present across your organisation

Comprehensive Data Integration

Pentaho enables you to turn big data into big insights.

Within a single platform, Pentaho provides big data analytic tools to extract, prepare and blend your data

Business Communication

Standards for the design of business communication

Practical proposals for the conceptual and visual design of management reports and presentations