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We Are A Specialist G-Cloud Provider – strengthening our ability to provide software and services to the UK public sector.

Mazepoint has been delivering a wide range of services to Government for over 10 years. Using this valuable experience, we are proud to be long-standing suppliers to the G-Cloud, offering a number of solutions designed to achieve the high standards of security, resiliency and compliancy demanded by Government departments.

G-Cloud is the UK government’s initiative to bring departments and suppliers into closer contact with each other, making it easier for public bodies to adopt Cloud-based solutions.  This purchasing framework allows UK public sector organisations to select and purchase Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and specialist Cloud services from approved suppliers.

Mazepoint is proud to be an approved G-Cloud 7 provider.




A proven provider to Government:  We have a proud history delivering services to Government organisations, including the FCO, NHS, Home Office,                                                                         and HS2

Security – ISO9001 and ISO27001:  Protecting citizen data is vital, so our services are both ISO9001 and ISO27001 accredited, providing an auditable                                                                           method of monitoring, protecting and managing information and data systems.

More cost-efficient and flexibility:  As a supplier member for the G-Cloud framework, we help public sector organisations benefit from faster, more                                                                            cost effective and efficient IT procurement processes.

Choosing Mazepoint as one of your Government Cloud suppliers enables you to have direct access to all of our services, allowing you to select and scale to address your needs, with openly published prices so that you know how much it will cost, allowing you to safely plan your budgets in advance.

Jedox Cloud for Budgeting, Planning, Forecasting Jedox
Data Analytics: Tableau Software Tableau
Data Visualisation Services: MazeView MazeView
Time Accounting: MazeTime MazeTime


Click For a Complete List of our SaaS On G-Cloud

Click For a Complete List of our Specialist Cloud Services on G-Cloud

Accelerating Outcomes Through Analytics Capabilities

Public-sector organisations are under pressure to meet rapidly evolving mission requirements on ever tightening budgets. As these requirements are increasingly integrated with technology, the demands are becoming more complex and costly. Budgeting constraints and ever-changing regulatory rules require that public institutions, like yours, find new ways of cutting costs and increasing transparency. At the same time, it is necessary to improve services and track how public funds are spent.  With these demands, departments increasingly have a critical need for agile business intelligence tools that they can easily adapt to their requirements while maintaining complete transparency.

Empowering the Public Sector

Public Sector Business Intelligence

Mazepoint’s solutions are cost effective and designed to be rapidly deployed, whether it’s in a single department, or rolled out across many.  Our government clients dramatically improve operating efficiency by spending less time analysing data and more time providing their mission critical services.