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Surviving the Retail Revolution

Retail Business Intelligence

Retail is one of today’s most competitive environments. Traditional retailers are under pressure from new product, purchasing and service delivery methods as well as new entrants into the high street. The rate of change is unprecedented and it is harder than ever to make sure you are gaining a share in the customer’s wallet.

Retail Business Intelligence will empower you to make business critical decisions at a faster pace. Remain competitive and grow your business with Mazepoint.

Make Data Driven Decisions

Retail Business Intelligence

A vital element in making these decisions is information. However, there is a problem. Much of this information is trapped in the various IT systems in the organisation. This information is not integrated and does not give you a consistent view of what is happening in the business.  IT experts do their best to cope with the demands for business reports, but it is getting harder to get the information that’s needed, when it’s needed. This means an increasing number of decisions are based on gut feel and guesswork rather than hard facts.

Dramatically Improve Trade Promotion Performance

Retail Business Intelligence

Trade promotion is often the single biggest line item in a manufacturer’s P&L. And since many retailers have razor-thin profit margins, every penny counts. And although trade promotion spend represents the single most controllable overhead for most businesses, for a large proportion there has been relatively little focus on improving the efficiency and effectiveness of trade promotions.