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Self-Service Analytics

This new and exciting realm of business intelligence gives the end user the power to independently satisfy their own data analysis needs. With self-service analytics, non-technical professionals can generate their own BI reports, run/ execute /  their own queries, and conduct their own analyses, without the assistance of IT staff. There are many benefits that can be derived through the implementation of a self-service BI system.

  • Individual employees can make faster, better decisions because they no longer have to wait during long reporting backlogs.
  • technical teams will be freed from the burden of satisfying end user report requests, so they can focus their efforts on more strategic IT initiatives.

Whether it’s data discovery, data visualisation, or creating great dashboards, download your free trial today to accomplish your goals with Tableau.

Robust Visual Analytics for Today’s Data

Self-Service Analytics

In order for self-service BI environments to be effective, they must be extremely intuitive and user-friendly. The majority of today’s business users simply don’t have the skills or technical savvy to work with complex tools or sophisticated interfaces. A self-service analytics application will only be embraced by its intended audience if it gives them a means of simply and easily accessing their own customized information, without extensive training.

Tableau’s industry leading application enables users to dive deep into their data within minutes –   data analysis that keeps you in the flow. It’s easy to learn, easy to use, and 10-100x faster than existing solutions.  It’s built on breakthrough technology that translates pictures of data into optimised database queries. Use your natural ability to see patterns, identify trends and discover visual insights in seconds. No wizards, no scripts.

Intuitive and Easy to Use

Self-Service Analytics

Self-Service analytics aren’t one-size-fits-all. Mazepoint products empower your entire organisation to access the data they need, when they need it, without technical assistance. And, by tailoring intuitive end-user capabilities to each individual’s specific role, we help drive user adoption across your business.

Compared to most other software packages which call themselves ‘self-service business intelligence’, you don’t need a BI expert. Stop waiting for days or even weeks for the IT department just to get the result of a simple analysis.  Management, business development, marketing and controlling departments can access the company database and make their own queries to uncover the drivers that impact their business.