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We love data – we love the power it has to illuminate and unravel intractable problems and ensure that the right decision is made for the right reasons at the right time.  So we collect data from many different sources in a wide variety of formats for our customers on a regular basis. We use our own solutions as well as industry standard collection tools, improving data quality in order to build user confidence in the outputs.   We then transform it for analysis and reporting designed specifically to each customer’s requirements and standards.

The value and importance of data has increased exponentially in recent years and it is clear that investing in better ways to apply it and improving the business processes around it are never ending challenges for successful organisations.

If you’re looking for an experienced team to deliver end-to-end business intelligence solutions, Mazepoint is the company of choice.  We have successfully implemented a wide-range of reporting and analytics systems including enterprise data warehouses, departmental data marts, operational reporting applications, and dashboards/scorecards.  We’ve helped our customers design and deliver reports, dashboards, scorecards and other output for the web and mobile devices that are informative, appealing, and easily understood by their chosen audiences, enabling both individuals and organisations to make better data-driven decisions.

Cost-effective End-to-end BI Solutions

Trusted partner to deliver unparalleled speed, flexibility, and affordability of any BI solution

Powerful and Flexible Product Set

Mazepoint transforms how companies tackle their data challenges to achieve breakthrough business results.

Breadth of Industry Experience

We provide solutions for many leading global organisations and government departments