Digital is changing the way you work and serve the public for the better: E-Government is growing at a fast pace, with a shift away from providing public sector services to guiding people digitally across their life events.

This does mean growing pressure to reduce costs, and to do more with less as you strive to adapt to new ways of working, and to adopt better communications and a more flexible approach to change management.

The very highest of standards of information security are now paramount across all areas of Government.

Typical assignments

  • Introducing tools for the automation of manual processes—reducing time spent, dependence on specialist skills, and human error
  • Joining up multiple data sources to present a more holistic view of operations
  • Providing fast access to critical performance information, including via mobile
  • Improving full-time and contractor workforce management to maximise the operational team within budget parameters
  • Improving time management operations by automating Excel-based timesheet and reporting processes—facilitating easier decision-making and resource allocation.
  • Deploying technical systems with proven transparent value for money