Increasingly a target-driven environment, with operations in conflict with patient care pathways. Complex financial and costing processes create obstacles to clear performance communication across trusts, exacerbated by a shortage of financial and staff resources. The NHS remit, solely for disease treatment, has changed since its foundation.

Now stretched at both ends, with an ageing population suffering complex chronic conditions and the Western lifestyle impacting children’s health. The burden of increasing patient numbers requiring specialist and long-term care is immense.

Patient expectations towards efficiency, medication processing, and increased regulation of personal data management all compound the pressures experienced by the healthcare sector.

Typical assignments

  • Supporting the introduction of self-service reporting and analysis tools to enable widespread sharing of performance information across departments
  • Implementing annual planning and budgeting processes with a low administration overhead across multiple departments
  • Training NHS business analysts in the use of business intelligence tools
  • Advising on the most appropriate tools to match the vast array of requirements
  • Supporting data warehouse and data scientist teams streamlining the delivery of data to reporting and analysis tools
  • Getting NHS data to the operational field staff to support their decision-making
  • Helping non-IT staff prepare data and access the information in a visual and timely manner
  • Saving time by automating the report building process from incoming operational queries

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Roger Bovell
Royal Berkshire NHS